Dean's Message

Welcome to UC Davis Veterinary Medicine’s new twice-yearly magazine, Synergy.

Michael Dale Lairmore, DVM; PHDWe are excited to have a fresh format to tell big stories, feature more of our research and clinical breakthroughs, and celebrate the people (and animals) that make our UC Davis veterinary community great.

By definition, synergy means “interactions that produce a total effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.” Synergy speaks to our collaborative One Health approach that makes us the leader in veterinary medicine.

This One Health view underpins our work and, increasingly, veterinary medicine in general. As our world confronts zoonotic disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, veterinary medicine proves more relevant to human healthcare and climate science.

It only made sense to launch the magazine with a cover story about our progress in tackling global health through a One Health lens. I am so proud of UC Davis’ role in that. Whether it’s helping to prevent pandemics, developing novel cancer treatments for our pets, or identifying and offering solutions for health issues caused by climate change, the work we do is urgent and important. Thank you for being a part of our efforts. I hope you enjoy Synergy.

Michael D. Lairmore DVM, PhD
Dean and Distinguished Professor

Michael Dale Lairmore, DVM; PhD